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Board of Directors
President 2014 Phil Voelker 9825 Alhambra Ln 614-332-6104 vizeguy@me.com
Vice President 2015 Dave Murphy 28476 Del Lago Way 949-8222 dm9121@gmail.com
Secretary 2015 Ann Lees 9840 Alhambra Ln 949-6063 ralees@comcast.net
Treasurer 2013 Dottie Janitz 28443 Del Lago Way 849-3319 doterry@aol.com
Director 2015 Janet Connolly 28360 Del Lago Way 992-0383 askjanet123@gmail.com
Director 2013 David Harter 28388Del Lago Way 495-3937 Dianah34135@embarqmail.net
Director 2014 Conrad Madaleno 9780 Alhambra Ln 947-8023 Conmad@comcast.net
Director 2013 Joe Jackson 28447 Del Lago Way 786-449-4033 jjacksonL47@gmail.com
Director 2014 Sharon Slate 28440 Del Lago Way 578-6098 sharon.slate@gmail.com


Architectural Review David Hancock 390-9752 neatplace2AOL.COM
SWCA Representative Janet Connolly 992-0383 askjanet123@gmail.com
Financial Review Committee Open    
Privacy Control & Compliance Dave Harter 495-3937 Dianah34135@embarqmail.com
Social Committee Sharon Slate 978-578-6098 sharon.slate@gmail.com
Nominating Committee Conrad Madeleno 947-8023 conmad@comcast.net
Website Committee Ann Lees 949-6063 ralees@comcast.net

If you are interested in serving on a committee listed above please contact the chairperson or a board member. We welcome all Unit III residents to join in helping us make this the best place to live!

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